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Crocodile Dundee Authorship


REVELATION : The key people who have the responsibility through their good management of the Australian economy to place within our financial reach the price of tickets to go and watch our favourite "Sport Stars" .


        Salary of the Prime Minister of Australia is A$ 340,000 p.a.

Salary of a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia is A$ 360,000 p.a.

Isn't it time we set aside our illogical and destructive Marxist ideologies and proudly embrace the values of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia ?

             Where is Australia's sense of priority ?



    The average salary of "Sport Stars" is A$ 750,000.00 per annum.


   Francis Gurry Lecture 2012 - Justice Robert French


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             Analysis of Justice French's Speech


  A philosophy of Intellectual Property - Book Review

            A lesson to be learned from history

Once upon a time, there was a peasant revolution in Russia. The cause for this revolution was the Russian people's burning ambition for power, and to achieve this they went as far as murdering their Czars to then move into the palaces of the people they had assassinated.

What follows is that these people who were born and bred to be subordinates suddenly realized that they were becoming poorer and poorer. As a result of their action, they became worst off than before the revolution. Becoming poorer and poorer was due quite evidently to these people being totally devoid of any productive ability to create wealth.

Becoming poorer and poorer made these people very unhappy, and ultimately (in the 1990’s) these people decided to bring in a new set of philosophies and ideals in a bid to better themselves through the introduction of Perestroika and Glasnost.

So, they dumped the Marxist philosophies and ideals that were making them so unhappy and embraced Capitalism as an alternative. Through Capitalist philosophies and ideals they were able to make the recognition that only creative people (who in reality are the back bone of a nation) have the ability to create wealth.

China did the same … and as a result both Russia and China and now also South Korea to a lesser degree possess the most robust economies in the world.

It is to be observed that both China and Russia have not been affected by the same Global Financial Crisis that has affected so many European countries.

… and what did Australia do during these Global changes that affected so many European countries ? Well ! Australia decided to scavenge what the Russian and Chinese people had dumped in their trash cans and enforced the same Marxist philosophies and ideals that had made the Russian and Chinese people so unhappy and for so long …

Life became harder and harder in Australia for creative and productive people who were forced to become idle -- and the cause for this idle state was that these new Marxist philosophies and ideals they had adopted had crippled them ... even though it was widely believed among educated people that only creative people possessed the productive ability to create wealth.

The sad end result caused by these newly adopted Marxist philosophies and ideals, saw the Australian people becoming poorer and poorer and this made them very unhappy just like the Russian and Chinese people had become under Communist rule.

Then suddenly, just like the recognition that the Russian people had made in the 1990’s, the Australian people made the recognition  that only creative people possess the productive ability to create wealth … and in 2013 the majority of Australians decided to elect a new Federal Government …
REVELATION :  Who came up with the original and detailed blueprint for bringing the Internet into existence ??


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                           Evolution of IP Law

The Australian Copyright Act, 1968 has finally EVOLVED to include DIGITAL FILES and AUDIO RECORDINGS as proof of authorship. The unique and exclusive form of a "Manuscript" in hard copy written form of the ORIGINAL Australian Copyright Act, 1968 is no longer mandatory ...

 Elimination to Isolation of the true author's identity.

                    Recovery and Repatriation

Please make a note of the bowler hat that Ben is wearing when Lightning Jack decides to deposit the money that they have legitimately earned in the "safest bank in the state" - metaphorical analogy for the central (reserve) bank.

The TRUE AUTHOR does not need to rob a bank to recover his ROYALTIES. His royalties were earned (albeit in fiduciary form) in EXCHANGE for his ORIGINAL ARTISTIC WORK for the film "Crocodile Dundee" since May 1984.

The amount of the true author's royalties could not be determined in May 1984 because the future earnings of the film at the box office could not possibly have been known at that point in time ... i.e. - BEFORE the film was actually produced and exhibited worldwide.

Every income earned in Australia consists of the TAX PAYABLE component and the BALANCE owing to the Income Earner/Tax Payer.


Please refer to the metaphorical analogies of this film when they are applied in more accurate detail to our Justice System in Australia under the Heading : Misconduct by Lawyer


Let's advance Australia - We have reached a fork in the road - Let's move forward in the JUST direction ...



 ... and who has been the wind under Australia's wings since May 1984 ?


The viewer may recall that it was the Australian vocalist Coleen Hewitt who was the first performing artist to record this particular song ...

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Australian War Cemetery at Villers-Bretonneux

Important Notice for Patriotic Australians

At first glance it may appear that the tactical strategy that was used in May 1984 to secure the original ownership of the copyright in the veritable author's original work upon which the film "Crocodile Dundee" was based, has caused some prejudice to some fair dinkum Australians. Let it be known that Australians are far from being "spineless" people. All we need to do to confirm this is to visit the Australian War Cemetery at "Villers Bretonneux" in Normandy (Northern France) and count the number of crosses as we experience the eerie feeling in the air.


Crocodile Dundee Authorship

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Foot Prints in the Sand

Hazelwood Island

Whitsunday Group

North Queensland

  February 1984

One day a man had a dream …

He dreamt that he was walking along a very very long sandy beach, the end of which he could not see as it was hidden beyond the mist on the horizon.

For every step he took, as he walked, a second set of footprints appeared alongside heading in the same direction.

The man figured that the second set of footprints belonged to the Lord.

Suddenly, the second set of footprints vanished … and the man could not help himself thinking aloud : “Lord, he said to himself, why have you forsaken me ?” …

Carried in the light breeze softly brushing against his face, he swore he could hear a voice saying in reply : “I never left you … as you will notice when you turn around; the footprints left behind in the sand, are now twice as deep”.

“Your footprints are now twice as deep because it is through your own tenacity and courage that I have found the strength to carry you.

The war of attrition and psychological pain that you have been forced to endure have been deliberately inflicted onto you with the purpose of conditioning your mind so as to make it conducive for easy exploitation.


Your oppressor’s objective is to extort the precious creative talents you have for design and inventions from your thoughts through duress. Your mind has been made too weak to fight these forces of evil … but you can use the thrust of your oppressor’s own actions to defeat him.

Never despair, ’cause in the end, the forces of nature that govern what is essential for survival in this world will force Virtue  to  TRIUMPH  over  Evil.  It is only then that  Right  will replace  Wrong.

Just like the sunflowers of an entire sunflower field turning towards the sun in unison at sunset, all those responsible for your affliction  –  having recovered their reason and repressed virtues  –  will start paying attention to what you say – but it will be too late; because these people would have already brought forth their own woes and misfortunes in return for the psychological pain that they have inflicted onto you”.