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Crocodile Dundee Authorship


                                          Hogan's Disclaimer

              Admission made below by Paul Hogan with regards to the identity of THE (real) Lightning Jack Kane.

Take note of the bowler hat that Ben Doyle is wearing when Lightning Jack Kane decides to deposit the money that they have legitimately earned in the safest bank in the state ...
                                                  Lightning Jack

                                                This film was produced to portray the TRUE AUTHOR as an apparent VILLAIN.

The same accountant who had defalcated the TRUE AUTHOR'S royalties to secret bank accounts in Switzerland was one of the Executive Producers of this film ...

                                                                         Portraying our Capital City as a Den for Outlaws.

                                                                                                 Stealing Texan Hat

Stealing fabric to make the K.K.K hood & robe for RECOVERING THEIR OWN MONEY from the Mayor's office (metaphorical analogy for the Central [Reserve] Bank) where the stolen funds recovered from the failed robbery at the (safest) bank in the State have been taken for safe keeping.

Protagonist/s portrayed as K.K.K bank robbers. The scene in which Ben Doyle and Lightning Jack Kane dressed in full K.K.K. attire conduct an inventory of the recovered “loot” has been edited out of the film recorded in DVD version.

In the original version of the film “Lightning Jack” … Jack Kane says to Ben Doyle (as a display of HONESTY) : “TAKE ONLY WHAT IS OURS” and leave the rest behind.

Stealing the pocket watch from the TIME THIEF – 33 prime years of the author's life have gone to waste as a result of the covert action that was used in 1984 to ambush the TRUE author to illegally obtain a wealth of Intellectual Property from him while he was living on a sailing boat at that point in time.

The TRUE AUTHOR does not need to hold up a bank to recover his OWN MONEY in the form of the ROYALTIES he had earned since May 1984 in EXCHANGE for his ORIGINAL ARTISTIC WORK upon which the film "Crocodile Dundee" was based ... This is because every income earned in Australia consists of (1) The TAX PAYABLE COMPONENT and (2) The BALANCE owing to the Income Earner/Tax Payer.
                                          No income can possibly be taxed at a rate of 100%.