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Crocodile Dundee Authorship



According to this magazine article bees apparently fly with their back legs bent at the knees to form a 90 degree angle [please see page below] ... which explains (of course) why the strand of cotton firmly tied up at the popliteal level of their legs does not slide off during flight ... Hmm ... Hmm ...


The dash board and steering wheel of the Toyota 4X4 depicted in the above photograph indicates that this particular Toyota Land Cruiser (which was used for this article published in the magazine New Idea on the (06th of August 1988) is in fact a 1985 FJ 40 model. Earlier models of the FJ 40 steering wheels have a smaller (and round) centre piece.  So, it would appear that a near brand new (only 3 y.o.) Toyota Land Cruiser was dismantled in 1988 ... specifically for this story ... to make it look like the earlier model wrecks used in the Northern Territory to chase water buffaloes ... Hmm ... Hmm

                                       Conspicuous Media Illusion
           Evidence below that this story was in fact fabricated by the media.

At page 23 of the magazine New Idea dated 6/8/88, we read :“In an early radio interview, Rod claims, Paul cited the Parkinson Interview as the spark that fired his Dundee creation".


How could this radio show transcript possibly exist for an alleged Michael Parkinson Interview with Rod Ansell that NEVER TOOK PLACE ?

Below is the Google Books link that takes us to excerpts of a book written by Professor Lynette Sheridan Burns titled : "Understanding Journalism". The viewer can draw his or her own conclusion by reading the admission made by the author of this book at page 167; that the Ansell saga was nothing more than a blatant hoax ...

Please type :  "Understanding Journalism" by Professor Lynette Sheridan Burns in the google search box at the bottom of this screen to access the contents of this particular book.

Hyper Link to Google Books to access the content of this book : 

Or please type Lynette Sheridan Burns : "Understanding Journalism" in the Google search box after clicking on the below hyper link to access Google Books :


         Vivre pour Vivre - Live for Life - 1967

Chasing wild buffaloes (or other wild animals) using 4-WD vehicles was not an idea exclusive to the Northern Territory in 1984.

                        The key factor to consider is Adversity
                                   Ansell is a brand of contraceptive

It is widely known across Australia that “Ansell” is a brand of contraceptive. It is also widely known that the purpose of using a contraceptive is to counter an anticipated end result that is unwanted.

Just like a contraceptive, a fallacy can also be used to produce a similar end result that is the direct opposite as to what the said fallacy initially purports to establish.

A fallacy that is so implausible to the point of being an absurdity, therefore, renders the said fallacy to be contra-suggestive and ergo produces an end result that is the direct opposite as to what the said fallacy initially purports to establish.

A fallacy that is so implausible to the point of being an absurdity incorporates an inbuilt SELF ADMISSION that the fallacy was meant to be CONTRA-SUGGESTIVE right from the start when it was fabricated.

                        Counter Claim made on the 03.10.2010

... and where did Keith Willey get the scenes and dialogues that feature at the New York party scene that is depicted in the film ? Did these scenes and dialogues take place in the Australian bush when he and Bill Dean were hunting crocodiles ? If so - who did the cross-dressing and who was inhaling cocaine in the book "Crocodile Hunt" ?

When Keith Willey was alive, homosexuality and cross-dressing were regarded as an absolute CURSE by Ocker Australians. At that same point in time "Poofter Bashing" was also one of the main traits of Ocker Culture.

What is the motive NOW for macho Ockers to make a back flip about what they once considered to be an absolute CURSE before the release and exhibition of the film "Crocodile Dundee" ??

Is the motive a question of narcissistic pride or is it purely financial ?

This crock of a counter claim made 24 years after the film "Crocodile Dundee" was released for exhibition in 1986 should have been made to counter the Rod Ansell saga at the same time that it was being published by the media ... instead of on the 3rd of October 2010 and in particular ... AFTER Professor Lynnette Sheridan Burns has made the admission that the Rod Ansell saga was just an illusion that had been created by mainstream media.

Why don't these opportunists tell us RIGHT NOW what the title of the book is or what live character the next block buster is going to be based on BEFORE THE FILM IS RELEASED FOR EXHIBITION ? 

How could the TRUE AUTHOR be accused of having copied some other person's book when the accuser herself is convinced that the TRUE AUTHOR has NEVER READ THE SAID BOOK ??

         Copy of an email received from the grand daughter of William 'Bill' Dean

          Latest Media Illusion - Daily Mail Australia - 25.06.2014 

Did Paul Hogan allegedly "write" the original material for the film "Lethal Weapon" too? "Lethal Weapon" is a film (starring Mel Gibson and Andy Glover) which features a similar scene showing someone attempting to jump off a window ledge -- OR -- is this a clear indication that "Lethal Weapon" and the two (conjoint twin) films "Strange Bed Fellows" & "I pronounce you Chuck and LarryALSO came from the SAME SOURCE as "Crocodile Dundee" ??
The severe drought in Central Africa that caused massive loss of lives at the time, combined with civil unrest in South Africa inspired the author to compose the music and lyrics for the chorus of this particular song in May 1984. The music and lyrics for the chorus form part of the content of the author's same audio magnetic tape, on which the original screenplay for the film "Crocodile Dundee" is also recorded. The whole world rallied into a chorus to save the little kids who were dying as a result of starvation and disease ...



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Australian War Cemetery at Villers-Bretonneux

Important Notice for Patriotic Australians

At first glance it may appear that the tactical strategy that was used in May 1984 to secure the original ownership of the copyright in the veritable author's original work upon which the film "Crocodile Dundee" was based, has caused some prejudice to some fair dinkum Australians. Let it be known that Australians are far from being "spineless" people. All we need to do to confirm this is to visit the Australian War Cemetery at "Villers Bretonneux" in Normandy (Northern France) and count the number of crosses as we experience the eerie feeling in the air.


Crocodile Dundee Authorship

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Foot Prints in the Sand

Hazelwood Island

Whitsunday Group

North Queensland

  February 1984

One day a man had a dream …

He dreamt that he was walking along a very very long sandy beach, the end of which he could not see as it was hidden beyond the mist on the horizon.

For every step he took, as he walked, a second set of footprints appeared alongside heading in the same direction.

The man figured that the second set of footprints belonged to the Lord.

Suddenly, the second set of footprints vanished … and the man could not help himself thinking aloud : “Lord, he said to himself, why have you forsaken me ?” …

Carried in the light breeze softly brushing against his face, he swore he could hear a voice saying in reply : “I never left you … as you will notice when you turn around; the footprints left behind in the sand, are now twice as deep”.

“Your footprints are now twice as deep because it is through your own tenacity and courage that I have found the strength to carry you.

The war of attrition and psychological pain that you have been forced to endure have been deliberately inflicted onto you with the purpose of conditioning your mind so as to make it conducive for easy exploitation.


Your oppressor’s objective is to extort the precious creative talents you have for design and inventions from your thoughts through duress. Your mind has been made too weak to fight these forces of evil … but you can use the thrust of your oppressor’s own actions to defeat him.

Never despair, ’cause in the end, the forces of nature that govern what is essential for survival in this world will force Virtue  to  TRIUMPH  over  Evil.  It is only then that  Right  will replace  Wrong.

Just like the sunflowers of an entire sunflower field turning towards the sun in unison at sunset, all those responsible for your affliction  –  having recovered their reason and repressed virtues  –  will start paying attention to what you say – but it will be too late; because these people would have already brought forth their own woes and misfortunes in return for the psychological pain that they have inflicted onto you”.