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Crocodile Dundee Authorship


                       Psychiatrists are not Song Writers

Dr. Arthur Janov

Monday, 27. February 2006, 01:54

Dr. Arthur Janov, the primal scream

"Primal Therapy is miraculous, but it is not a miracle, it is science at work" Dr. Arthur Janov (also known as Arthur Gomov ? refer to the name mentioned in the credits on the cassette for the album : "The Colour of My Love" by Celine Dion)

Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Center was founded by Dr. Arthur Janov, developer of Primal Therapy, and author of The Primal Scream and other books. The Primal Center is co-directed by Dr. A. Janov and Dr. France Janov. The Primal Center serves three separate functions. It is first a treatment center using the latest and most advanced techniques to help patients to their feelings; second, it is a training center for Primal Therapy; third, it is a research center where systematic psychophysiologic investigation takes place.

The Primal Center is located in Venice, California, USA. (Venice, California is part of the city of Los Angeles.) Within the Center is a large space comprising several therapy rooms, a lounging area, a lecture hall and video facilities. In addition to therapy, training, and research, we occasionally offer lectures, seminars, and roundtables for the general public at the Primal Center.

The Primal Center is a lot more than a clinic. It is a style of life where the availability of the clinic for feeling is always present as are the therapists for their patients.

The very structure of the clinic indicates a place where feelings can happen.

Because patients are the center of power and discovery in this therapy, they take upon themselves to organize various events and other activities (e.g., Talent Night) to weld the patients together.

'I wish to thank Dr. Janov personally for the great way in which he has contributed to humanity in general, and to my own life especially'. 


About Dr. Arthur Janov

"Primal Therapy is miraculous, but it is not a miracle, it is science at work"
Dr. Arthur Janov

Dr. Arthur Janov is one of the world's leading psychologists and author of 10 books, including the international bestseller, The Primal Scream and his newest book, The Biology of Love, published March 2000. He is the Founder and Director of the Primal Center in Venice, California.

Dr. Janov received his B.A. and M.S.W. in psychiatric social work from the University of California, Los Angeles and his Ph.D. in psychology from Claremont Graduate School. Before turning to Primal Therapy, he practiced conventional psychotherapy in his native California. He did an internship at the Hacker Psychiatric Clinic in Beverly Hills, worked for the Veterans' Administration at Brentwood Neuropsychiatric Hospital and was in private practice for 1952 till 1967. He was also on the staff of the Psychiatric Department at Los Angeles Children's Hospital where he was involved in developing their psychosomatic unit.

The course of Dr. Janov's professional life changed in a single day in the mid-1960's with the discovery of Primal Pain. During a therapy session, he heard (as he describes it), 'an eerie scream welling up from the depths of a young man who was lying on the floor'. He came to believe that this scream was the product of some unconscious, intangible wound that the patient was unable to resolve. Since then, Dr. Janov has devoted his professional life to the investigation of that underlying pain and the development of a precise, scientific therapy that could mitigate its lifelong effects.

Dr. Janov has been conducting revolutionary research in the field of psychotherapy for more than three decades. As the originator of Primal Therapy, he has treated thousands of patients and conducted extensive research to support his thesis that both physical and psychic ailments can be linked to early trauma. He has concluded that patients can dramatically reduce such debilitating medical problems as depression, anxiety, insomnia, alcoholism, drug addiction, heart disease and many other serious diseases. In 1970 he introduced his radical new approach to therapy to the general public in his first book, The Primal Scream, which became a best-seller and has since sold more than a million copies worldwide.

In the last 30 years Primal Therapy has established itself as the only therapy producing deep changes in a host of psychosomatic symptoms and psychological problems.

As Director and Supervisor of Research with the Primal Foundation Laboratory, Dr. Janov was the first psychologist to submit his results to scientific scrutiny. Studies at Rutgers, the University of Copenhagen, St. Bartholomew's Hospital in England and the University of California at Los Angeles have all supported his theory that Primal Therapy can produce measurable positive effects on the function of the human brain and body.

Dr. Janov and his wife, Dr. France D. Janov, co-director at the Primal Center, have lectured worldwide on Primal Theory and Primal Therapy, including to the Royal College of Medicine, London, England; Hunter College, New York; Karolinska Medical and Research Center, Stockholm, Sweden. His work has also been the subject of a PBS special in the United States and of documentaries in Germany, England, France and Sweden.

The latest research conducted at Dr. Janov's Primal Center on the effects of Primal Therapy on the brain was performed by Dr. Erik Hoffman, former Professor of Neuro-Physiology at Copenhagen University (in Denmark : (Joh's country of origin before NZ). This research has shown very clear changes in the brain as a result of feeling.

Dr. Janov has authored ten books. His latest is The Biology of Love, published March 2000. These books have been translated into twenty-four languages, throughout the world. Forthcoming are books on the use of ideas vs. feelings in therapy, and depression.

In 1989 in an effort to expand the Primal network, Dr. Janov established Dr. Janov's Primal Center in Venice, California with his wife, Dr. France Janov.

We recognize the great need for therapists and therapy in the world. It is to that end that Dr. Janov's Primal Center was established in 1989 as a treatment, training, and research center under Dr. Arthur Janov's personal supervision.

All the therapists here have had years of intense training with us and are all caring professionals. There are also other therapists who practice independently, outside the Center who have completed the training and maintain an association with us.

                     Photo of Ms. Michael P. McBride and daughter Shannon

On the left is the cover of the Caulfield Race Book page for the race meeting held on Wednesday October 15th 1980.

Please refer to the film "An Angel at my Table" produced by Ms. Jane Campion, who also produced the film "The Piano"" -- The viewer is invited to phone Ms. Michael Patricia McBride (07) 5520 5303 on the Gold Coast and ask her how much of the story line for the film "The Piano" in fact reflects her own private life before divorcing her ex husband Bernie McBride ?

Please take note that the name of the horse with saddle cloth Number 4 and named "Avatar" in the Clive Leonard Handicap run at the Caulfield racetrack on the 15th of October 1980.

Please also take note that the name of the horse (named "Abominable") owned by the TRUE author of the film "Crocodile Dundee"  with saddle cloth Number 7 is a participant in the same race.

The remainder of the field for the Clive Leonard Handicap that was run at the Caulfield racetrack all the way back on the 15th of October 1980.

It is interesting to note that the film "Avatar" was also filmed in New Zealand and is analogous to the plight of the Australian indigenous people who were going to be displaced, had Uranium mining gone ahead in Kakadu National Park.

Pretty Woman

According to Novelty Media which is  based in Tel Aviv, the original version of "Pretty Woman" -- even though this movie has an absolutely (and totally) different story line -- was initially titled "3000" ... and was a docu-drama about prostitution, std's and drugs ---> but the title was later changed to "Pretty Woman".     This preposterous claim is similar to saying that "Apollo 13" a docu-drama about space travel was the original script version for the film "Gravity" and/or the original script version for the TV series "Lost in Space".     It would be absurd to say that these two films as well as the TV series were subsequently re-titled FROM "A Space Oddity" as per David Bowie's 1969 hit-tune, which was about an astronaut named Major Tom who became lost in space.   This ridiculous claim was to be made -- seemingly -- because all three original artistic works for these films were about space travel.     George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in the film "Gravity" as well as Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon in the film "Apollo 13" happen to ALSO become lost in space and need to be rescued by Ground Control in Houston Texas in the USA.

It is more than evident that this ridiculous claim was made as an attempt to hide the fact that the original artistic material for the film "Pretty Woman" was also obtained from the TRUE AUTHOR since May 1984.      The same applies to "Lethal Weapon" - "Strange Bed Fellows" and its conjoint twin "I pronounced you Chuck and Larry" - which were recorded on the same magnetic tape recording device as "Crocodile Dundee"...

It is interesting to note that the same flash back to the vintage TV series "I love Lucy" features in both "Pretty Woman" and "Crocodile Dundee I".     Edward Lewis also becomes lost in a big city and asks for directions back to his hotel, just like Mick Dundee becomes lost and is given a ride back to his hotel by a mounted policeman.

Vivian Bates & Marnie Rogers
Vivian Bates is first (1st) from left on the bottom row in the photograph on the left.

Marnie Rogers is first (1st) from left on the second (2nd) bottom row of the photograph on the left.

Vivian originally from South Africa (and drop dead gorgeous) was the State Manager (Queensland) for Christian Dior.    She inspired the name and good looks of the female lead role in the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC version of the screenplay for the film titled "Pretty Woman".     Vivian and Marnie shared an apartment with the TRUE AUTHOR on the 4th level of Deville Apartments on the Gold Coast in early 1983, and this happened shortly after the true author had moved from Melbourne, Victoria, to the Gold Coast in Queensland, where he purchased the sailing boat "Mistress" from a Mr. Robert Prescott who at the time lived at Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

Bronia (short for Bronislava) Rak.

The mishap experienced by Bronia at the restaurant called "Taboo" located in the mid 1970's at 16 the Esplanade, St. Kilda, in Melbourne ... when she was dining with the TRUE author at this particular restaurant one evening ---> inspired the escargot scene in the film titled : "Pretty Woman".

Bronia's first attempt to place the metal pincers around the smooth and slippery surface of the shell of her "first" escargot, sent it flying across the room.    Bronia will surely testify that this mishap when she tried escargots for the "first" time, actually took place in real life at the restaurant called "Taboo" in St. Kilda, Melbourne, in the mid 1970's.

 The Colour of My Love - Celine Dion

The music and lyrics for the song below were composed by the author in May 1984 and is recorded on the same audio magnetic tape recording device as the original artistic work for the film titled "Crocodile Dundee".     When reference is made to "A silhouette of dark and light" in the lyrics for this song, it becomes evident that neither Austin Robertson of Byron Bay, Dr. Janov nor David Foster have dark skin.

                    Original Music and Lyrics

At 00:40 the sub titles should read "So I hope David likes the way I sing THIS song and NOT HIS song" -- At 01:38 the sub titles should read "Then ALL doubt I shall erase" and NOT "Then I doubt I shall erase".

                                             Plagiarised version

                                  Dr. Janov's  Plagiarized Version

Colour of my LoveI'll paint a sun to warm your heart

Knowing that we'll never part

I'll draw the years all passing by
So much to learn, so much to try.

I'll paint my mood in a shadow blue,
Paint my soul to be with you.
I'll sketch your lips in shaded tones,
Draw your mouth to my own.

I'll trace a hand to wipe your tears
And trace a look to calm your fears.
A silhouette of dark and light
To hold each other oh so tight.

I'll paint the stars in the evening sky,
Draw the light into your eyes,
A touch of love, a touch of grace,
To softly fall on your moonlit face.

And with this ring our lives will start,
Let nothing keep our love apart.
I'll take your hand to hold in mine,
And be together through all time.

         The Power of Love - Original Version by Celine Dion.

People who are 40+ years of age, would certainly recall the American TV variety show titled "Laugh-In" which was presented by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.    People who are 40+ years of age will surely also remember one of the most catchy phrases of this show : "Sock it to Me".     The TRUE song writer of the music and lyrics for the song titled "Power of Love" had placed as a marker in the form of this catchy phrase at the end of this song to identify himself as a man -- The reason being that a woman would NEVER express her consent to making love with her partner in the form of such a statement ...

 An extract from "Laugh-in" with Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

              Power of Love - version by Jennifer Rush

As one would notice, there is no existence of the marker that the TRUE song writer of this song had included at the end of the lyrics that he had created for this song in the version executed by Jennifer Rush (real name : Heidi Stern)  ... 

           More Information about Dr. Janov. 

Primal therapy is a trauma-based psychotherapy created by Arthur Janov, who argues that neurosis is caused by the repressed pain of childhood trauma. Janov argues that repressed pain can be sequentially brought to conscious awareness and resolved through re-experiencing the incident and fully expressing the resulting pain during therapy. Primal therapy was developed as a means of eliciting the repressed pain; the term Pain is capitalized in discussions of primal therapy when referring to any repressed emotional distress and its purported long-lasting psychological effects. Janov criticizes the talking therapies as they deal primarily with the cerebral cortex and higher-reasoning areas and do not access the source of Pain within the more basic parts of the central nervous system.

Primal therapy is used to re-experience childhood pain?i.e., felt rather than conceptual memories?in an attempt to resolve the pain through complete processing and integration, becoming "real". An intended objective of the therapy is to lessen or eliminate the hold early trauma exerts on adult life.

Primal therapy became very influential during a brief period in the early 1970s, after the publication of Janov's first book, The Primal Scream. It inspired hundreds of spin-off clinics worldwide and served as an inspiration for many popular cultural icons. John Lennon (shot dead) actor James Earl Jones and pianist Roger Williams were prominent advocates of primal therapy.[1] Primal therapy has since declined in popularity, partly because Janov has not produced the outcomes necessary to convince research-oriented psychotherapists of its effectiveness. Janov and others continue to advocate and practice the therapy or various developments of it.

                             Independent Assessment of Dr. Janov's work

Anonymous # 27. March 2007, 23:45

Ron Hubbard writes: REVIEW OF PRIMAL HEALING: I have read Primal Healing and it turns out to be, to my disappointment, a re-hash of information that can be found in other books written by Dr. Janov in the last 15-20 years or so.  

He provides the same information about the three levels of consciousness, how the brain structures mediate pain and what each brain structure does, how talking and other psychodynamic approaches and other therapies couldn't possibly work, the effects of certain psychodynamic drugs on the brain, pain, feeling, neurosis from a Primal viewpoint, etc. In essence, the information is exactly the same, Primal Therapy is the only cure for neurosis.

I was expecting newer information but found the same information as I had obtained from the New Primal Scream, Primal Man, The Biology of Love, etc.

Dr. Janov seems to rewrite the same material perhaps in a slightly different fashion and style to appeal to, perhaps, hopefully a new audience.

The book Primal Healing has a subtitle 'A Revolutionary Technique' yet isn't that what his original book 'The Primal Scream' had said? He never reveals what this technique is since he states, as always, that it is too dangerous and only recommends Primal Therapists trained by him.

I asked for a list of Primal Therapists trained by him in the Northeast where I live but he said there weren't any.

After all these years I find it puzzling that he hasn't trained anyone who is now practicing in the Northeastern part of our country. What is continually left out in any book by Dr. Janov, in my opinion, is any indication of how actually long it takes a person and how much of an expense that person had to spend and give up in their life in order to be cured.

Notice also how the title of his book says 'Healing', not 'Curing' so apparently he has changed his mind about the word 'cure' which was used in the title of his first book, Primal Scream, The Cure for Neurosis and 'cure' can be found cited often in many other books he wrote.

I have also noticed that Dr. Janov has stopped indicating he can cure specific problems that he thought he could cure by not referring to these conditions in later and later books including Primal Healing instead of alerting the public to exactly what Primal Therapy can do and can't do.

I know personally this to be true because in his earlier books he said he could cure a problem I had and then in an e-mail he stated he never could cure it (even though I easily cited references to specific pages in his books where he said he could).

The problem is stuttering and you could find in Primal Man the statement that Primal Therapy can cure stuttering and yet in an e-mail to me he says he doesn't have much experience with stuttering.

I don't understand why Dr. Janov continues to provide glowing descriptions of what his therapy can do yet indicate that he is the only one who can perform it correctly.

For the very, very, very vast number of interested patients who can not afford the time and expense to come to his clinic, it is a bewilderment to me who he is writing the book exactly for.

Certainly he is writing it for HIS patients as encouragement and information but as for the remaining potential clients suffering all over the world he provides false hope (from reading his inspiring book) to people who read it, the same false hope that he says is one of the cornerstones of his definition of neurosis, namely, hope itself.

I think Dr. Janov likes to write books, that is obvious, and he is trying to attract potential Primal Therapists to his Clinic but, after reading all of his books over a period of decades, one has to wonder why he hasn't come up with some kind of information, be it a way of thinking or an approach to life, or some other technique that captures his 30 years of experience and observations and knowledge of the different kinds of trauma so that the average person can benefit from his life's work.

Wouldn't that be a tremendous contribution to the healing arts/therapy? I don't see much of a difference between this book and his other books outside of the fact that, frankly, he has his name on every other page.

In his earlier books Dr. Janov stated that Primal Therapy was 'the fountain of youth'. If that is true, and I say this with no intention of ridicule or ill feeling, then why does Dr. Janov in his photograph in Primal Healing look very old for a man of approximately 75?  

Certainly we have seen men in their 70's and 80's who look better. Maybe reliving all those traumas of ones past with no consideration to exercise or nutrition ,which Dr. Janov does not mention in this and other books, ages one more quickly.

I was in Primal Therapy with a primal therapist not trained by Dr. Janov for 5 years and have participated in other therapy modalities including regression hypnosis and Dianetics that, in my opinion, yield the same regression experiences as that described by Dr. Janov.

                          My Time to Shine

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Australian War Cemetery at Villers-Bretonneux

Important Notice for Patriotic Australians

At first glance it may appear that the tactical strategy that was used in May 1984 to secure the original ownership of the copyright in the veritable author's original work upon which the film "Crocodile Dundee" was based, has caused some prejudice to some fair dinkum Australians. Let it be known that Australians are far from being "spineless" people. All we need to do to confirm this is to visit the Australian War Cemetery at "Villers Bretonneux" in Normandy (Northern France) and count the number of crosses as we experience the eerie feeling in the air.


Crocodile Dundee Authorship

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Foot Prints in the Sand

Hazelwood Island

Whitsunday Group

North Queensland

  February 1984

One day a man had a dream …

He dreamt that he was walking along a very very long sandy beach, the end of which he could not see as it was hidden beyond the mist on the horizon.

For every step he took, as he walked, a second set of footprints appeared alongside heading in the same direction.

The man figured that the second set of footprints belonged to the Lord.

Suddenly, the second set of footprints vanished … and the man could not help himself thinking aloud : “Lord, he said to himself, why have you forsaken me ?” …

Carried in the light breeze softly brushing against his face, he swore he could hear a voice saying in reply : “I never left you … as you will notice when you turn around; the footprints left behind in the sand, are now twice as deep”.

“Your footprints are now twice as deep because it is through your own tenacity and courage that I have found the strength to carry you.

The war of attrition and psychological pain that you have been forced to endure have been deliberately inflicted onto you with the purpose of conditioning your mind so as to make it conducive for easy exploitation.


Your oppressor’s objective is to extort the precious creative talents you have for design and inventions from your thoughts through duress. Your mind has been made too weak to fight these forces of evil … but you can use the thrust of your oppressor’s own actions to defeat him.

Never despair, ’cause in the end, the forces of nature that govern what is essential for survival in this world will force Virtue  to  TRIUMPH  over  Evil.  It is only then that  Right  will replace  Wrong.

Just like the sunflowers of an entire sunflower field turning towards the sun in unison at sunset, all those responsible for your affliction  –  having recovered their reason and repressed virtues  –  will start paying attention to what you say – but it will be too late; because these people would have already brought forth their own woes and misfortunes in return for the psychological pain that they have inflicted onto you”.